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Practical, creative communications solutions.

Whether you're just starting out, trying something new, or need expert guidance,
I can make sure your outreach is  professional, effective and relevant.

Image by Aaron Burden


Meaningful two-way engagement with your community is vital to the success of local governments. Let's work together to facilitate better community conversations. I have more than a decade of experience creating and executing successful outreach campaigns, managing online communications and developing public relations materials.



It's not IF something will go wrong, it's WHEN. Do you have a plan for managing crisis communications? Are you prepared to speak to the media and your community? As a FEMA-trained crisis communications professional, I'll work with your agency to develop plans and strategies for effective communication during a crisis.

Press Conference


During a crisis, having an experienced spokesperson represent your agency helps to inspire confidence and trust. With more than a decade of media relations experience, I can effectively deliver your agency's message and ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Image by Sara Kurfeß


In the era of 24/7 connectivity, just being on social media isn't enough. Let's take a strategic look at your brand, your audience and what you want to achieve. Whether you're launching a new initiative or want to have a solid plan for communicating online during a crisis, I'll help you craft a tailored strategy that ensures your content is visible and relevant.

Giving a Speech


Whether you're looking to refine existing skills or learn something new, I can create and facilitate training opportunities for your government or business. My training specialties include updated social media best practices, crisis communications management & media relations training.



Even in the age of memes and texting slang, grammar and spelling matter. Don't let a misplaced apostrophe or accidental autocorrect damage your reputation. It's always smart to have a second set of highly trained eyes review your work before it goes public.

Knowing what you want to say is only half the battle. Presentation is the other half. I have the experience to create a professional, eye-catching document that'll make your content look as good as it sounds. It's a win-win.

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